About Us

Our Story

Orion Security is a Fully Compliant national security solutions company created in 2005, to optimize our clients’ security. Our solution integrates on-site guarding, remote monitoring, on-site supervision and technology to provide comprehensive service excellence to mitigate site risks via comprehensive site procedure and maximize client and asset safety.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognised as the industry leader in professional security service excellence while creating a sustainable future for our employees, the environment and our economy – “creating a safer today and tomorrow for all our clients”


The critical component of our business strategy is maximising real value for all stakeholders through consistent service delivery excellence thereby growing Orion through organisational service reputation.


Our clients are our greatest asset and as a result, our primary focus. Our critical values are staff competency and passion which is achieved through staff education, development, and promotion. This performance culture benefits everyone and is unique to Orion. This performance culture benefits everyone and is unique to Orion.


Dedicated Client Account Managers:
This ensures one point of contact to streamline communication and service delivery to our clients. Monthly site reports and meetings keep clients informed of site events and pre-emptive action is taken. At Orion, account managers work closely with operations managers to ensure consistent service delivery through site-specific SOP’s developed by the client and account manager.

Real-time Open Communication:
Communicating in real time on site dedicated WhatsApp groups that include all stakeholders and Orion management. This communication is bi-directional and keeps all stakeholders informed of all site activities and events, allowing faster reaction to solve issues as they occur.

Professional Staff Deployment:
Staff passion is critical to service excellence and staff are thoroughly vetted to the highest standards and trained on site-specific requirements before deployment. Staff rewards match performance and training is continuous to ensure performance optimisation.

Monitoring Performance:
Orion’s control room and area managers monitor site staff performance 24/7 ensuring client deliverables are achieved according to KPI standards and reported to management in real-time.

Support and Training:
Orion management focuses on staff support and development. Staff performance is tracked and measured to ensure that the highest standards are maintained. Investment in development, empowerment and support to create a passionate professional staff that are dedicated to Orion’s commitment to our clients.

Technology is critical for support for our guards on site during patrols and access control. We supply, repair and maintain all security equipment and hardware to the highest standard.

CEO Involvement and Access:
Our CEO runs a flat company structure, is personally reachable 24/7 by all stakeholders on his personal cell phone and is included in all communication within the company and also with our clients. The access to our CEO ensures client service efficiency and service excellence optimisation.

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