About Us

ORION SECURITY is a solutions driven company that specialises in offering individually tailored Turn-Key Solutions for today’s client by a single dedicated client manager for all your Security needs.

Orion operates each site on a project based model resulting in the following;

  1. Each site is carefully assessed according to the current risk profile and a solution is developed which is then applied.
  2. Site specific procedures are implemented to reduce risk and increase effectiveness.
  3. Client dedicated Client Managers are responsible for making sure that the client is looked after and their needs are met consistently by;
    1. Regular client meetings followed by meetings with the operations manager
    2. Monthly site reports
    3. Monthly site visits
    4. Continuous risk profiling to keep the client aware of the risks as they develop and of the latest technology available to mitigate these risks.
  4. Site dedicated Operations Managers are appointed to ensure that the site is run optimally by;
    1. Regular training and consistent managing and support of the guards on site
    2. Managing supervisors who visit the guards daily to ensure optimal support and service.
    3. Generate site report task lists and action on a daily basis
    4. Monthly site visits
    5. Continuous communication with Client Managers
  1. This model puts the Client Manager and Operations Manager in constructive conflict creating an optimal service for the client. Orion believes that this approach is our strength.

Orion’s long-term mission is to be the industry leader in South Africa. We are at the forefront of modern technology advancements and in specially trained site-specific staff. We implement security and management-engineered solutions to completely eliminate the shortfalls and weaknesses ignored in the old-fashioned security industry today, thereby moving the industry into the future!