Our Solution

After careful study we have found the following problems in today’s security industry:

  • Turnkey solutions are not offered so security is ineffective.
  • As a result of the gap in the market created by poor service, the market is saturated with small and inefficient security firms with short life spans.
  • Limited access to security knowledge by the client leaves them open to great risk when poorly designed systems are implemented.
  • The South African Security Industry is at risk of being controlled by large overseas firms, as they realize the income generating potential. This industry needs to be controlled by South Africans who live and breathe with the people who need to be protected, and are thus in a position to understand the special market needs.
  • Big firms have lost contact with the market, and are not adapting as they continue to apply often-outdated methods or are just too bureaucratic.
  • Guard pricing is largely controlled by the regulations authority PSIRA at wage level.   Any discount that the firms strive to give in pricing comes at a cost to the guards. Ultimately security guard standards drop as guard turnover increases.

Orion’s solution is as follows:

  • We offer tailor-made turn-key solutions.
  • A flat flexible company structure with top management and CEO reachable by clients 24/7 to solve issues efficiently.
  • A hands on management approach is one of our company’s strongest features.
  • SMS, Facebook and Twitter updates are generated and forwarded to the clients. This encourages proactivity from both the client and Orion by keeping the solution flexible and optimal at all times.
  • Our guards are paid 10% above legal rates, have incentives for growth and a bonus structure in place.
  • Guard turnover and ultimately security compromise, are eradicated with focus on education and rewards for all staff. Our “Guard of the Month” policy is very popular.
  • Regular training updates ensure continuous staff performance and client safety.
  • Use of modern technology to apply total security solutions at sites. This includes pre-planning at the start of construction to deployment of guards at completion.
  • Link home owners to fire, health care, armed response and police via our control room.
  • A real time Guard Patrolling System is encouraged on all our sites.